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CARGOMOVER ,a well-known semi-trailer website has swiftly emerged as a globally recognized brand in manufacturing and exporting specialized trailers and semi-trailers. Renowned for our commitment to quality and innovation, we offer a diverse range of high-performance semi-trailers tailored to meet various transportation needs.

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CARGOMOVER semi-trailers have gained trust and recognition in over 50 countries across diverse regions. From Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe to Zambia, Mali, Ghana, Nigeria, and beyond, our trailers have demonstrated exceptional performance and durability. Our presence extends to countries like Namibia, Congo, Guinea, Guyana, Senegal, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Russia, Mexico, and many others.

Latest Exported Orders

Latest Exported Orders

4 Axle 80 Ton Drop Side Wall Trailer will be sent to Zimbabwe

imbabwe customers need 80 ton drop side wall trailer….

2023-12-10Read More »

40000L Palm Oil Tanker Trailer will be sent to Nigeria

Nigeria customers approached Emilia the sales manager, …

2023-12-07Read More »

XXX lighting releases led and other new lighting products in North America

Customers in Zambia learned about CARGOMOVER 80 ton drop side trailer for sale through friends….Read More »

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Flatbed Trailer

Sidewall Trailer

Skeletal Trailer

Fuel Tanker Trailer

Bulk Cement Trailer

45 Ton Sidelifter Trailer

150 Ton Lowbed trailer

60 Tons Gooseneck

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Chloe from Zambia – Post a review on 2023-11-18

This is our second cooperation, and CARGOMOVER’s 4-axle low-floor trailer fully meets my needs. The trailer is of excellent quality, sturdy and durable, and I received excellent customer service from the CARGOMOVER team. They paid great attention to my needs and communicated and cooperated with me in a professional and efficient manner. This kind of attention to customer needs makes me feel very satisfied and reassured.

Lydia from Zambia – Post a review on 2023-10-25

I am thrilled with the 3 axle flatbed trailer I’ve just received! Its exceptional quality and performance truly stand out. From the sleek exterior design to the intricate internal structure, it’s evident that top-notch manufacturing technology went into its creation. The trailer’s robust load capacity perfectly aligns with my requirements, and during transportation, its stability was impeccable, ensuring a smooth journey for my goods without any bumps or damages. This flatbed trailer has surpassed my expectations in every aspect。

Simon from Zambia – Post a review on 2023-10-15

As a customer who has utilized the CARGOMOVER side loader trailer, I’m truly impressed by this innovative transportation solution. The TITAN Side loader trailer has significantly enhanced the convenience and efficiency of our business operations with its unique design and exceptional functionalities.

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CARGOMOVER is a semi-trailer website committed to providing high-quality services. We offer a diverse selection of semi-trailers to meet various cargo transportation needs. Whether for long-haul freight or urban deliveries, we provide reliable and secure solutions. Visit CARGOMOVER for professional and efficient semi-trailer transportation services.

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