Cargomover, your trusted partner in trailer exports, exemplifies a commitment to precision and customization. With a stellar 98% compliance rate to international standards, we offer tailored solutions (85% client customization rate) at a price guarantee that is 10% below the market average.

Our on-time delivery (98%) and a global network of 30+ suppliers ensure a seamless and reliable experience. Choose Cargomover for excellence in quality, flexibility, and competitive pricing in the trailer export industry.

Quality Assurance:

ISO Compliance: Our trailer production strictly adheres to ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards.

Exceptional Compliance Rate: 98% of our products meet or exceed international quality and safety standards.

Minimal Complaints: Less than 0.1% of our products receive customer complaints, reflecting our commitment to reliable quality.

Customized Solutions and Global Reach

Client-Centric Approach: 85% of our clients opt for customized trailer solutions, showcasing our flexibility and client-focused approach.

Extensive Market Presence: We export over 5000 trailers annually to more than 30 countries, ensuring our products comply with diverse international standards.

Competitive Excellence:

Price Leadership: We offer a price guarantee, being 10% lower than the average market price for similar products.

Punctual Delivery: 98% of our orders are delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe, and our 24-hour expedited services cater to urgent client needs.

Strategic Global Network: With partnerships with over 30 global suppliers and more than 50 service centers worldwide, we ensure a robust supply chain and comprehensive after-sales support.