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Knowledge!About CARGOMOVER sidewall cargo semi-trailer

1. About CARGOMOVER sidewall cargo semi trailer

The sidewall cargo semi-trailer is adept at transporting a diverse array of products and materials, such as sand, bags, and poultry, among others. It’s also incredibly versatile for various bulk cargoes, making it a staple in the transportation industry. Primarily designed for mid to long-distance hauling, this trailer is perfectly suited for medium to heavy-duty and bulk cargo. Furthermore, the high side 3 axle cargo trailer can be equipped with a container turn lock, adding the functionality to transport containers efficiently, thereby enhancing its utility and flexibility in cargo handling.

What are the types of CARGOMOVER high side trailer?

2 axle sidewall trailer, 3 axle dropside trailer, 4 axle high side trailer, grain trailer and the sidewall drawbar trailer. And load capacity has 30/40 ton bulk cargo trailer, 60/80 side board trailer, 100 tons wallside semi trailer for your choice. Customizable side wall height.

CARGOMOVER feature side wall cargo semi trailer

4 axle high side trailer

2. What are the components of CARGOMOVER sidewall semi trailer?

  1. Frame: This is the main load-bearing structure. It consists of main beams, side beams, cross beams, and tilted supports.
  2. High Side Board: The sidewall is made up of flat plates or vertical corrugated boards. These can be either detachable or permanently welded.
  3. Protection Device: This is designed to prevent pedestrians and other vehicles from getting under the trailer. It also helps reduce wind resistance and save fuel.
  4. Traction King Pin: This component connects the trailer to the tractor. It handles the pulling force and attaches to the tractor’s traction seat.
  5. Support Leg: Two support legs are fitted at the front end of the frame. They help keep the trailer stable when it’s not connected to a truck.
  6. Axles and Tires: The trailer has three axles, each with its own set of tires, under the suspension system.
  7. Suspension System: A three-axis leaf spring suspension system supports the load and absorbs driving vibrations.
  8. Brake and Operating Device: The trailer uses a dual-line pneumatic braking system and includes an anti-lock braking system (ABS).
  9. Electrical System: The trailer is equipped with an international electrical system that works with the tractor.
  10. Attachments: Additional parts include a tool box, spare tire frame, stakes, tight-fitting ropes, and rope hooks.

CARGOMOVER flatbed trailer with long side wall details

3. Side wall trailer advantages

The CARGOMOVER Side Wall Trailer is perfect for a variety of uses like carrying cement bags, agricultural bags, tiles, jumbo bags, steel coils, pet coke, and more.

It offers a high payload capacity, improved mileage, and comes in different versions for various needs. This trailer leads to longer tire life, better fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs. As a result, you get more revenue and reduced operating costs, boosting your profit significantly.

Designed to carry heavy loads easily and backed by an OEM body warranty, the CARGOMOVER Side Wall Trailer is a great choice for your business.


High Strength Light Weight 1-2% more payload

Can be utilized for multiple applications

High strength steel, submerged arc welding and 2 coat paint Longer Life

Best in class axle and braking system provides better tyre life

More payload gives more revenue generation capacity

Optional ABS for additional safety

4. How does CARGOMOVER pack and deliver sidewall semi trailers?

Many customers choose container shipping due to its low cost and fast delivery. However, the downside is that the rear of the side wall semi-trailer must be assembled for container or cargo transport.

For customers using bulk freighters or ro-ro ships, the TITAN sideboard trailer is wax-sprayed and covered with a tarpaulin for protection during transport.

5. CARGOMOVER sidewall cargo trailer specs, capacity, dimension and drawing

sidewall trailer drawing

2 axle bogie suspension sidewall trailer drawing

department drawing

3 axle drop side trailer technical department drawing

7. CARGOMOVER drop side trailer has a longer service life than others:

1. Modular Design & Intelligent Manufacturing: The TITAN tailgate semi-trailer uses advanced technology like finite element analysis, modular design, laser cutting, and robot welding. From design to manufacturing, every process is strictly controlled. This ensures every side wall trailer delivered is of high quality and meets standards.

2. Emphasis on Safety and Energy Saving: The trailer has several key features:

1. The bracket has a strong, closed design at the top, allowing for secure connection to the lower wing plate of side wall trailers for containers or cargo.

2. The side wall semi-trailer’s suspension uses a well-known international brand, ensuring longevity and reliability.

3. The guide arm offers options of double or single leaf springs. The optimized single-leaf structure is lightweight, reducing over 200 kg. This design ensures excellent guidance and superior reliability and stability.

CARGOMOVER side panel cargo semi trailer details

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