Knowledge! Six Tips you should know buying China used trucks

Why Can’t You Buy Used Trucks from China? Top Six Tips You Should Know Before Buying

1. Expressway Situation in China and Its Impact on Used Trucks

Since the initiation of China’s expressway construction in 1984, significant milestones have been achieved. The Shenyang-Dalian Expressway marked the inaugural project, while the Shanghai-Jiading Expressway commenced traffic operations on October 31, 1988.

By 2019, China’s expansive expressway network had surpassed 140,000 kilometers, establishing itself as the world’s largest. In the late 1990s, the People’s Republic of China government implemented robust economic strategies, particularly favoring capital investment in expressway infrastructure, resulting in an annual addition of over 3,000 kilometers of new expressways.

All mainland Chinese expressways are toll roads. By the end of 2014, toll expressways covered 106,700 kilometers, representing 95.31% of the operational network.

By the conclusion of 2019, the extensive expressway network had expanded to 149,600 kilometers, indicating a 7,000-kilometer increment from the previous year.

2. Freight situation in China

In China’s current freight market, highway transportation is the most important way. It accounts for more than 70% of the entire freight industry, and the highway freight industry is in a mature and stable period.

As of the end of 2018, China’s current number of medium and large trucks is about 16 million, and the number of trucks has grown rapidly.

As of the end of 2020, the current number of medium and large trucks in China is about 25 million, and the growth of the number of trucks has stabilized.

The total volume of freight is increasing year by year. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, on a comparable basis, the total freight volume in 2015-2019 has shown an increasing trend in China.

In 2020, affected by the COVID-19, China had completed 46.345 billion tons of freight, a year-on-year decrease of 0.5%;

In January 2021, the total domestic freight volume was 4.155 billion tons, a year-on-year increase of 38.0%. The growth of national freight volume is closely related to the improvement of domestic macroeconomics.

3. Emission standards in China

Truck emission standards in China are borrowed from the EU truck emission standards, which are called Euro Ⅰ, Euro Ⅱ, Euro Ⅲ, Euro Ⅳ, Euro V, and Euro Ⅵ emission standards in the European Union. In China, they are called ChinaⅠ, China Ⅱ, China Ⅲ, China IV, China V, China VI. For better understanding, we directly use the European standard name.


“Euro Ⅰ” was formulated in 1999 and was implemented nationwide in China on July 1, 2001. The “China Ⅰ” standard refers to the “Euro Ⅰ” standard, mainly for truckbon monoxide, hydrotruckbons and particulate emission limit requirements. truckbon monoxide is 3.16 grams per kilometer, and hydrotruckbons is 1.13 grams per kilometer.

The “Euro II” standard was implemented nationwide on July 1, 2004. In order to welcome the Olympics, Beijing has moved forward to implement it on January 1, 2004. The “China II” standard further raises the requirements for vehicle emissions. Regarding the emission of a single vehicle pollutants, truckbon monoxide is reduced by 30%, and hydrotruckbons and truckbon oxides are reduced by 55%.

The “Euro III” standard began to be implemented nationwide on July 1, 2007. In order to reduce pollutant emissions, the engine and exhaust system have been upgraded and modified in terms of technology, and vehicles have been added. The self-diagnostic system and the three-way catalysis have been upgraded. The total pollutant discharge of “China Ⅲ” emission standard is 40% lower than that of “China Ⅱ”.

The “Euro IV” standard was implemented nationwide on July 1, 2010. The post-discharge treatment system has been upgraded, and the pollutant discharge standard has been reduced by 50% to 60% compared with the “China Ⅲ”.

The “Euro V” standard began to be implemented nationwide on January 1, 2018. The standard imposes more stringent restrictions on motor vehicle emissions such as nitrogen oxides, hydrotruckbons, truckbon monoxide, and suspended particles. Compared with the “China IV” standard, nitrogen oxide emissions should be reduced by 25%. In addition, the emission limits for non-methane hydrocarbons and PM have been increased, effectively reducing air pollution.

Different from the previous five standards, the “Euro Ⅵ” standard sets up two stages, “Euro Ⅵ a” and “Euro Ⅵ b”. Among them, “Europe VI a” emission stendard was implemented nationwide on July 1, 2020, and “Europe VI b” was implemented nationwide on July 1, 2023. Compared with the “China V” emission standard limit, “China VI a” requires a 50% reduction in the truckbon monoxide (CO) limit, while “Europe VI b” requires total hydrotruckbons (THC), non-methane hydrotruckbons (NMHC) and nitrogen oxides. (NOx) limits were reduced by 50%, 48.53% and 41.67% respectively.


1.Exactly the same truck, the Euro Ⅲ emission standard engine is 1,500 US dollars more expensive than the Euro Ⅱ engine.

2.Exactly the same truck, the Euro IV emission standard engine is 5,000 US dollars more expensive than the Euro II engine.

3.Exactly the same truck, the Euro V emission standard engine is 20,000 US dollars more expensive than the Euro II engine.

4.Exactly the same truck, the Euro Ⅵ emission standard engine is 40,000 US dollars more expensive than the Euro Ⅱ engine.

The trucks currently exported to Africa are all Euro II emission standard trucks, and the FOB price is about 35,000 US dollars.

In China, trucks with Euro III and Euro IV emissions standard on highways are no longer allowed to be used on expressways.

At present, the trucks on highways in China are mainly Euro V emission standard trucks, and a small number of Euro VI emission standard trucks.

Such a truck is sold for more than 60,000 US dollars, and after three years of use, it can still sell for more than 40,000 US dollars.

In other words, the price of a truck that has been used in China for three years is still US$5,000 more expensive than a truck with Euro II emission standards sold in Africa.

So the used trucks for sale near me is are not as cost-effective as you think.

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4. Provisions on the Laws for Retirement of Trucks in China

According to Chinese law, the general service life of light, medium and heavy trucks for the transportation of general truckgo is 15 years, for dangerous goods trucks for 10 years, for mini trucks for 12 years, and for special operation vehicles that do not have truckgo functions for 30 years.

In China, all trucks are subject to strict exhaust emission tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Bureau every year. These trucks can continue to drive on expressways after passing the test. If the truck fails the test, it will be given a chance to repair it. If it still fails to meet the legal requirements after repair, the truck may be forcibly scrapped after 7-8 years of operation.

After scrapped truck refurbishment, the truck has been renewed and sold again by the truck trader.

5. China’s sinotruk howo operating mileage in one year

It is about 3,200 kilometers from Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, a logistics distribution center in northern China, to Guangzhou, the prosperous center of southern China. In China, trucks have two sleepers. When one driver is driving, the other two drivers are resting. Trucks generally run 20 hours a day, about 90-100 kilometers per hour.

In two days, you can drive a truck 3,200 kilometers from Harbin to Guangzhou. After loading the goods that day, you can continue to return from Guangzhou to Harbin.

In China, all truck owners who run more than 20,000 kilometers per month can make a profit. Of course, most trucks run 30,000 or even 50,000 kilometers a month. Many trucks have a mileage of 360,000 kilometers a year.

Four-year-old trucks have travelled more than 1.2 million kilometers.

The engine, gearbox, frame, and cab have all reached the scrapped state of use.

Used trucks that have been used in China for three years have traveled more than 1.2 million kilometers, which is the European V emission standard, but the price of second-hand trucks is still more than 40,000 US dollars.

The brand new Sinotruk HOWO sold to Africa from China meets the Euro II emission standard, and the price is only 35,000 US dollars.

6. Used truck purchase scam

Why do many used trucks sold by Chinese truck traders seem to be of very good quality, and the price is only 12,000 US dollars or 15,000 US dollars.

First of all, it must be clear that such trucks (used trucks for sale near me) are not normal trucks.

Trucks with Euro II and Euro III emission standards have long been banned from driving on Chinese highways, and they are all waiting for dismantling in abandoned parking lots.

Many African used truck traders now require scrapped truck companies to repaint, replace the cabs produced by small workshops, replace various tail lights, and repaint the frame and engine.

But even so, the truck has been scrapped for many years and is completely unusable.

But there are still many buyers who want to buy trucks tend to search for keywords such as truck trader, used truck, used trucks for sale, used trucks for sale near me, etc. Even if you search for the word truck, there will be related words such as truck buying tips, truck trader, used truck, used trucks for sale, used trucks for sale near me, scrapped truck dismantling, scrapped truck refurbishment and so on on the Internet. Today, there are a lot of them. used trucks. As a result, the price of used trucks for sale will be much cheaper than new trucks. Secondly, many customers hope to buy a seemingly brand new truck at a very low price. The popularity of these words truck trader, used truck, used trucks for sale, used trucks for sale near me is enough to reflect that people are extravagantly seeking to buy the best products at the lowest price when buying things. But this is not the case. Used trucks for sale are sold again after the scrapped truck dismantling process, and their quality cannot be guaranteed.

Many scrapped trucks will go through the process of scrapped truck refurbishment. After the process of scrapped truck refurbishment, the truck will have a brand new look, and then it can be sold again. Some trucks cannot carry out the scrapped truck refurbishment process, they will go through the scrapped truck dismantling process. As long as these used trucks for sale do not have to go through the process of scrapped truck dismantling, they will go through the process of scrapped truck refurbishment, and many truck traders have seized this business opportunity to purchase a large number of scrapped truck and carry out scrapped truck refurbishment. , And then get a lot of profits from it. Learn more about truck buying tips, learn about truck trader, in order to better buy the products you want.

After the scrap company refurbished, they looked for a semi-trailer and hoisted it onto the ship, but they couldn’t move it by themselves. Scrap trucks need to be replaced with engines, gearboxes, axles, various fuses, circuits and gas circuits, etc., all need to be replaced.

After this scrapped truck was refurbished, it was sold by a Chinese company to a used truck dealer in Africa for a price of 6000-8000 US dollars. Because of the huge profit range, the used truck dealer no longer considers whether the user can use the truck.

When people search for trucks on the Internet, used trucks, used trucks for sale near me and other information often appear. Because the used truck market is large and many customers only buy cheap goods, many truck traders have captured this feature and put a lot of advertising on the used truck market. Therefore, when searching for relevant truck information on the Internet, advertisements for used trucks will always appear. Many Chinese truck traders have started to do used truck business after discovering the huge benefits.

However, the used trucks are refurbished from scrapped trucks and can not be used normally.

To buy a truck in China, you must buy a new one.

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