Knowledge! How to choose a more reliable semi-trailer supplier?

1. How to choose a more reliable semi-trailer supplier?

Here are my suggestions on how to choose a more reliable semi-trailer supplier

1. Firstly you need to choose one professional factory which products trailers;

2. Secondly to check if the factory can produce and export more than 1,000 units to Africa every year;

3. And check if it has been exported to Africa for more than 5 years.

But which one is the best? Let me introduce here:

2. Who is better? CARGOMOVER compare with other companies?

Comparing CARGOMOVER with other companies involves assessing their professionalism, website content, and customer records. Firstly, evaluate each company’s ‘About Us’ section to gauge their professionalism. CARGOMOVER’s ‘About Us’ section is available at

Secondly, focus on the ‘CASE’ or ‘NEWS’ sections of the websites. These sections showcase shipping records and customer engagements. For example, CARGOMOVER’s news studies are available at . Record the frequency and dates of shipments; more shipments typically indicate higher trustworthiness due to increased customer preference.

To conduct a comprehensive comparison, assess these aspects on each supplier’s website using a computer for detailed analysis.

Of course, you can also learn more through videos. Videos can explain the products in more detail, allowing you to experience them more intuitively.

3. Why choose CARGOMOVER as your preferred semi-trailer supplier ? 

First and foremost, our commitment to quality is evident across a range of products, including the outstanding Low Bed Semi Trailer, Windmill Adapter Trailer, Detachable Gooseneck Lowbed (Front loading) Trailer, and Container Side Loader. These offerings consistently surpass the quality of equivalents offered by CIMC.

What sets CARGOMOVER apart is our position as the leading semi-trailer exporter in China. With an impressive annual export volume exceeding 1,200 units, we have proudly accumulated 16 years of invaluable experience since our establishment in 2004. Our production record boasts over 60,000 semi-trailers, and our dedicated focus on export-oriented manufacturing since 2014 has resulted in the successful exportation of over 10,000 semi-trailers. This extensive experience forms a robust foundation, enriching our repository of cases and expertise in production and delivery processes. In contrast, many of our competitors fall significantly behind, exporting fewer than 100 trailers per year, with several merely operating as traders.

When you choose CARGOMOVER, you can anticipate comprehensive assistance throughout the entire process—from production and packing to shipping and after-sales services—all provided at a more competitive price point. Our commitment to being your reliable semi-trailer partner is evident in every aspect of our operation.

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